Writing Portfolio

I write creative non-fiction, sharing my experience, strength, and hope in a raw and refreshing way… With a sprinkle of humor for comedic relief. Here are some of my personal, real-talk pieces which have been published.


Volume Control: a guidebook for hyper-sensitive people who feel things deeply is a 120-page downloadable PDF eBook released September 2019 in honor of National Suicide Prevention Week.

If you or someone you know struggles with suicidal ideations or depression (or if you simply have the volume turned way up on life), this guidebook can truly help. It’s digestible, relatable, with humor and doodles!


With humor, doodles, and a refreshingly raw and honest approach, “imperfect” is a behind-the-scenes view into Jen’s journey from addiction and atheism into sobriety and spirituality.

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Published Articles

  • Why I’m Thrilled to Have Gained 50 Pounds – Published February 2017 to The Manifest Station: This article shares Jen’s journey of forgiveness and embracing inner beauty rather than focusing on society’s “ideals.”
  • Emotional Nutrients – Published September 2016 to The Manifest Station: This article discusses the importance of feeling rather than evading emotions.
  • Sensitivities = Superpowers – Published May 2016 to The Manifest Station: This article discusses the realization that sensitivities aren’t weakness; they’re superpowers.
  • Catalytic Words: How I Learned to Let Go of Outcomes – Published November 2015 to Elephant Journal: This article shares Jen’s journey of learning the power and freedom of rejection.