VOLUME CONTROL: a guidebook for hyper-sensitive people who feel things deeply


Some of us have the volume turned way up on life. We experience emotions more deeply, and typical aspects of being human can feel extra challenging due to how loud and spiky life can be.

Everyone handles their sensitivities differently.

My personal numb-of-choice was suicidality—this obsessive/possessive thought that, no matter what, I could always check out. An emergency escape route.

Whatever our way out is or was, the fact remains the same: some of us are beautiful, hyper-sensitive people with the volume turned up on life.

Great news: it’s not the end of the world. It’s not a curse. It doesn’t have to be debilitating.

This 125-page eBook consists of important lessons I’ve learned-and sometimes forget-in a way that’s easy for me to navigate when I’m in rough places, and important for me to reference when I’m teetering on feeling too good. I use it as a cheat sheet. When I feel lost or frazzled and need a reminder of how to best handle my current state, I reference this.

May this book be a guide by your side to cheer you on during your individual warrior path.

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Jen Butler is an out-of-the-box artist, writer, speaker, and coach in recovery from alcoholism, addiction, self-harm, disordered eating, codependency, Breast Implant Illness, cancer, and an odd period when she only listened to dubstep.

Jen’s goals are to help complex or taboo issues (such as suicidality, depression, and overall mental health) become more digestible through her raw, vulnerable, and occasionally comedic approach.

She hopes to help sensitive people realize they’re gifted and not crazy, and she desires to help bridge the communication gap between those who experience life with the volume turned way up and those who don’t.

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Some days, I paint. Other days, I write. And rap. And tell stories. And do comedy. And doodle. And [attempt to] bake. And, one week out of every month, I merge with my sofa and sob about mortality and things like the existence of air and how we can't live without it and how utterly claustrophobic that is to consider. I'm relatively particular. And this is a place for me to share ALL the quirks.

2 thoughts on “VOLUME CONTROL: a guidebook for hyper-sensitive people who feel things deeply

  1. I share this deeply sensitive thinking. I actually “lost” my moldavite pendant as it tapped into feelings that couldn’t be balanced in this society.
    I need to adjust my scale and feed the parts of me that are starving.
    Thank you for a new perspective

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