Published Articles

  • Quieting That Little Voice That Stresses Me Out – Published August 2020 to The Manifest Station: This article covers reallocating my credits of “care” toward being myself, standing up for myself, and saying what I wanted to say rather than what I thought would be most popular.
  • Why I’m Thrilled to Have Gained 50 Pounds – Published February 2017 to The Manifest Station: This article shares my journey of body forgiveness and embracing inner beauty rather than focusing on society’s “ideals.”
  • Emotional Nutrients – Published September 2016 to The Manifest Station: This article discusses the importance of feeling rather than evading emotions.
  • Sensitivities = Superpowers – Published May 2016 to The Manifest Station: This article discusses the realization that sensitivities aren’t weakness; they’re superpowers.
  • Catalytic Words: How I Learned to Let Go of Outcomes – Published November 2015 to Elephant Journal: This article is about the power and freedom of rejection.



With humor, doodles, and a refreshingly raw and honest approach, “imperfect” is a behind-the-scenes view into Jen’s journey of bypassing perfectionism to write her first book. It also shares her experience moving from addiction and atheism into sobriety and spirituality.

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Below you’ll find my gallery. Select prints are available for purchase on my ETSY site.

I’m no longer doing commissioned work. If you’d like your own pet portrait, I highly recommend Kait Lewis at Creations Infinity.