Intuitive Services

My job isn’t to give you answers; it’s to help ground and guide you to the answers you already know. I help clear the mental, emotional, and energetic clutter. I’m like Marie Kondo for your thoughts.

My typical session rate is $125 and all sessions are done remotely (over the phone or Zoom). Sessions are 45 minutes.

I have three approaches to intuitive sessions. See below for a brief description of each.

Once ready to schedule, email me and we’ll get something scheduled!

Intuitive Reading / Coaching

These sessions are great for innovative people who have been chosen by really big ideas, and folks who are prone to overwhelm.

I help clients clear the clutter and move forward in a way that is FUN, sustainable, and bypasses burnout.

Reiki / Intuitive Healing

I am a certified Reiki Master and have studied other forms of energy work as well as past life regression and soul retrieval.

I enjoy working with fellow empaths and assisting in building and maintaining healthy energetic, spiritual, and emotional boundaries.

Animal Communication

I help people discover what their animal companion may be mirroring to their human through their behavior. I can also connect with a pet’s soul purpose and past lives.

I also connect with animals who’ve passed, and have helped fur friends cross over when it’s their time to go.