Intuitive Services

My job isn’t to give you answers; it’s to help ground and guide you to the answers you already know. I help clear the mental, emotional, and energetic clutter. I’m like Marie Kondo for your thoughts.

My typical session rate is $125 and all sessions are done remotely (over the phone or Zoom). Sessions are 45 minutes. After the session, I will type up easy-to-digest notes and email them to you.

My ideal client is someone who is already doing the work and simply needs a boost, redirect, or to be shown blind spots. My approach is both analytical and intuitive, I am very direct, and you will go away with homework. 🙂

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Intuitive Reading / Coaching

These sessions are great for innovative people who have been chosen by really big ideas, and folks who are prone to overwhelm.

I help clients clear the clutter and move forward in a way that is FUN, sustainable, and bypasses burnout.

My signature coaching approach is a Personalized Creative Guidebook just for you, utilizing astrology, Human Design, Enneagram, and intuitive direction to help validate what you already know you should be doing.

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Reiki / Intuitive Healing

These restorative Reiki sessions are for those who need to plug into source energy and be recharged!

I am a certified Reiki Master and have studied other forms of energy work as well as past life regression and soul retrieval. I am deeply passionate about psychology, neuroscience, body awareness, conscious relationships, and mindfulness.

I enjoy working with fellow empaths and assisting in building and maintaining healthy energetic, spiritual, and emotional boundaries.

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Animal Communication

I help people discover what their animal companion may be mirroring to their human through their behavior. I can also connect with a pet’s soul purpose (yes, animals have them too!) and past lives.

I also connect with animals who’ve passed, and have helped fur friends cross over when it’s their time to go.

I’d really love to help you learn how to communicate with your animal. Everyone can do it; it just takes a bit of volume control, a trusting heart, and patience.

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