How do I share when i despise social media?

Here it is. I’m a storyteller. A doodler. An entertainer. I love an audience. I love inspiring, connecting, and helping folks feel less alone or less crazy. I especially love making people laugh. There’s nothing quite like getting a surprise cackle or belly laugh outta’ someone. One of those authentic, unexpected, unfiltered laughs. Eff you, NASA. I made someone belly laugh today.

Here’s a real-life picture of me doing all of the things mentioned above:

See? I look so happy. So in-my-element.

So here’s the problem. The issue. The ISH, if you will.

I can’t stand social media.

I feel like a sellout when I get on a social media site. My inner wisdom is like…

Many people say, “You need to go to where the audience is. And the audience is on social media”… And I get it. Logically, it makes sense. It also makes cents for a lot of people. Because monetizing. And because dad jokes all day URRY DAY.

But for reals. This is one of those things where it all looks good on paper. I see many folks reaching super awesome levels of success through social media. So, I’ve posted to different sites. I’ve tried. But, the more I post? The more drained I feel.

So wait. This can’t be right. I should continue doing something that doesn’t feel good in my belly button just because other people say it’s the right way to do it?

poopy pants Tumblr posts -

I’m going to start trying something new. I’m going to align with what feels right and yummy and warm and fuzzy to me, and share that way. My blog is one of those ways. I feel safe and cozy writing here. Less exposed.

I also am going to continue posting meditations and talks to Insight Timer.

And, that’s it. I’ll keep working on my books and screenplays behind-the-scenes. And, if I feel frisky one day and want to post a video to the social media monster, I will. But I hereby declare that I’m going to stop forcing myself to do shit that my insides don’t want me to do.

Except for waking up for work. I’m going to continue doing that, even though every ounce of my being wants to snooze the alarm for the 17th time just to get that extra 7 minutes of not-really-sleep-that-actually-makes-me-more-tired-than-if-I-just-got-up-now.

What is something that you do because you think it’s the “right thing” to do, but your insides tell you differently?

COMMENT BELOW. Tell me them feelz.

Let’s see what kind of magic unfolds when we follow what lights us up, even if it doesn’t make “logical” sense.

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  1. Smoking a good cigar … I feel I’ve earned it … it has a certain feeling of “success” … but my inside voice says “you idiot … “.

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