New satirical video: WOO SPEAK | Translated

This week’s lesson offers a direct translation from “Woo” to “Muggle” for those who need help bridging the gap between unaware and woke AF.

What are some other “woo” sayings you’d like translated in the next of this series? To support Jen as a comedic arteest and to get behind-the-scenes access (such as BLOOPERS), become a patron at

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Some days, I paint. Other days, I write. And rap. And tell stories. And do comedy. And doodle. And [attempt to] bake. And, one week out of every month, I merge with my sofa and sob about mortality and things like the existence of air and how we can't live without it and how utterly claustrophobic that is to consider. I'm relatively particular. And this is a place for me to share ALL the quirks.

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