doodle video #2 — WILL SMITH ISN’T GOING TO RESCUE ME (and other things depression has taught me)

I was terrified to make this video.

No, that’s not true. I enjoyed making this video. I was terrified to post it.

See, I seem to do well until people respond well to something I’ve done. Once that has happened in the past, I’ve been like “WELP NOW THE PRESSURE IS ON TO PERFORM.” Plus, I set my goal to be “BETTER THAN THE ONE BEFORE”… Which takes away from the flowy enjoyment of something FUN like this.

I want to hide. I want to delete all videos I’ve made… Again. (I deleted 60 past videos a 6+ months ago after my second rap video wasn’t received as well as the first…) (…Seriously).

But… I’m not here to hide. I’m here to shine. I’m here to be weird, and to be okay pissing people off.

I look forward to finding my voice and my style… And I know the only way to do that is to KEEP GOING and let it present itself to me.

So, here’s the second video. I’d love your feedback!

Do you think this approach to these heavy topics is helpful? Does it make them more digestible?

I appreciate you reading and watching… Even if it’s just my dad… And Tyler. 😉

Much love,


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Some days, I paint. Other days, I write. And rap. And tell stories. And do comedy. And doodle. And [attempt to] bake. And, one week out of every month, I merge with my sofa and sob about mortality and things like the existence of air and how we can't live without it and how utterly claustrophobic that is to consider. I'm relatively particular. And this is a place for me to share ALL the quirks.

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