Day 84 of 365: catching myself before burnout

Amazing things have been happening in my life. Blessings and opportunities and abundance and flowy goodness.

Which makes me feel amped. And full of energy.

Which often results in lessening how much I sleep. (I stayed up until 3 on a creative painting binge last night and then woke up 4.5 hours later for work.)

And then I’ll keep riding the high, exercising and creating and working more and socializing more. WithOUT upping my self-care.

Which results in burnout.

I’m grateful for how many times I’ve burnt out, because I’ve now really begun recognizing the warning signs. There’s a very specific headache that comes… one that’s saying: “Jen. The engine is overheating.”

I used to take it as a warning sign, or like a yellow light. Now, as soon as I feel it, I slam the brakes.

Sometimes I get there too late. And that’s okay. Learning. Tonight, though, I’m hoping I’ve caught it early enough.

I’m going to sleep just as soon as I post this. And will vamp up the self-care tomorrow.

Falling askeep while writing this…


(This approach is certainly unknown to me… the approach of, Yknow, preemptively resting. I’m excited about it.)

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