Day 81 of 365: Nike that shit.

This is a beginning draft by the famous artist, Pablo Picasso. It’s an excellent example of free-flowing line art, and I find it to be profound and mysterious.

chips drawing

Although then again, I’m partial.

Because Picasso didn’t do it; my brother did.

In like 20 seconds.

When making an adjustment to my doodle pad/monitor.

He was testing the pen.

Once he was done on my computer, he left this image up in Photoshop. And I was like, “that either looks like it was done by a child… Or a famous artist.”

And then I got curious about if we can really tell the fuckin’ difference anyway. And I googled it. And ended on this site, which has a quiz to see if you can tell the difference between modern art and toddler art.

I took it, totally confident in my answers. I’m a professional artist, after all.

And here are my results:

2 out of 11 right.PNG



So… For 9 of the paintings, I was certain that a toddler did it when it was actually a modern artist OR I was confident in calling it modern art when it was done by a toddler.

Which means those toddlers could have sold me their art for a few hundred bucks.

(Now… I’m not saying that art done by kids is any less special or awesome than that of adults. In a lot of ways, toddler art is better… Because it’s uninhibited. They don’t care if the stick figures hands are 5x the size of the stick figure’s body. They’re just drawing what feels right, or what they see in their imagination.)

So here’s my point: Start that damn art project or book or cooking challenge or clothing design gig. Don’t let fear of rejection convince you that you need to get better first. Or you need more talent or more confidence or more hair.

All of that comes in time. (Hair, too. I have one beard hair that didn’t exist years ago. At this rate, I’ll have a soul patch by age 90.)

Like this:


Except older. With more estrogen. And less Scientology.

(I can’t stop staring at the damn thing. I want to reach into the picture and rip it off of his chin.)

Okay, where was I before the chin hair rant?

Oh yes.

The way to improve your painting skills is to paint, not to talk about painting. The way to discover how much is too much or too little to charge for your services is to charge for your services, not to sit and think about how much to charge.

Just Nike that shit. Do it.

No matter how planned and prepared you are, there will be mishaps. Mistakes, even. And also huge water balloons of blessings thrown at your face that you simply were not expecting.

I think having a basic idea of what you enjoy doing and having some basic goals in mind is great. But if the thinking part has ceased your forward movement for more than a few days, I’d venture to say that you’re falling prey to resistance.

Which is fueled by fear.

Here’s the thing:

Someone’s gonna’ think you suck no matter how good you are, so go ahead and say FUCK IT and do whatever you want to do now.

It’s not about what other people think anyway. Compliments and feedback are simply ways to get a little drip of dopamine and other feel-good chemicals in the brain. The real lasting joy comes from doing what lights you up. Taking affirmative action toward your calling. Moving forward one wobbly step at a time, even though you may feel like an amateur or a fraud.

The only way to get more experienced is to experience more.

Allow yourself that space. And no that, no matter how good you are, someone will be a fun sponge about it… And no matter how much of an amateur you are, someone will think you’re phenomenally talented.

So. Fuck all that noise. Do what you want.

Y’know. Now.

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