Day 77 of 365: cat videos

“I truly believe the internet was made for cat videos,” my boss said. I laughed.

“Seriously,” he continued, “I think there’s empirical proof that the internet was made for cat videos. I mean, we’ve got satellites as far out as Jupiter and what do we share? Cat videos.”

I had never seen compilation cat videos before today.

These things are fucking hilarious. So I watched one on my phone at work with earbuds in, thinking I could keep it under the radar.


So in *my* world I could hear and see the cats and the soundtrack along with my laughter. But everyone else could only hear my laughter/cackle/borderline crying from laughing so hard. Aside from that the office was silent.

Just a technical writer working on a process document, laughing/crying maniacally.

So, a usual Tuesday.

It felt so good to laugh like that. To really let loose and let my face scrunch up as happy tears tickled my cheeks.

It’s no secret that I’ve been processing through a lot of pain these last few weeks. I’ve written a lot about it without sharing the victories.

I’m too tired to share them now, but I vow now that I WILL. I will share my victories, and update you on the synchronistic awesomeness that has become my life.

For now, cat videos and sleep.


*When is the last time you belly laughed, or laughed til you cried?*

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