Day 62 of 365: Prayer to the universe, written 10/5/2014

I keep an Artist’s Prayer on the wall in front of my desk. It’s a handwritten prayer to the Universe, which was the assigned task for Week 4, Day 26 of Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. (Which is fabulous and all humans should utilize this book. The end.)

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The task is “Write your own artist’s prayer. Use it every day for a week.” The one I wrote back then is in italics, and today’s additions are in bold. And yea, I’m gonna’ read it every day for a week. It’s been up on my wall for years, and yet I feel as though I haven’t really paid attention to it since I wrote it.

It caught my attention tonight.

Dear Universe:

I devote myself to you so I may be of greater service to you and all of humanity.

I open myself to your creativity, guidance, and expansive ideas… And, as such, surrender to you my old ideas.

I trust that you will lead me and that it is safe to follow you.

I ask that you unfold my life according to the greater plan of the Universe and help me to rid my ego of an idea of low self-worth and skepticism.

Help me believe. Believe in you, in my spirit guides, in myself, in love, in miracles, and in my biggest dreams coming true. Help me broaden my mind and craft to encompass grander concepts and truths. Help me believe that I am special and loved and capable of great things. 

I will continue on whichever path you deem most beneficial to all, and I implore that you help me find clarity on my journey. Please guide me on each next step. Help me have faith in myself and in a grander plan, and pretty please with a cherry on top help me take myself less seriously. Help me have fun, let loose, and enjoy this ride. Help me to continue opening my heart while also keeping healthy boundaries.

Thank you for the growth I’ve experienced in the last few years. Thank you for the recent successes and blessings. I ask that you help my body, mind, and spirit fully accept and embrace these good things happening to me.

I am ready to step into my full potential. Help me release old patterns that are done serving me or are holding me back. Help me move forward with faith, fervor, and a strong and forgiving heart.

Also, please send me a grasshopper origami. Seriously. It’d mean a lot.

With love and appreciation,

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