Day 35 of 365: awaiting miracles — a channeled message

I slept a lot of hours last night and today, and it was glorious. I awoke today still feeling blah… With a weighted anxiety on my heart.

I tuned into my inner wisdom and asked a question, which led to this following channeled message:

“Continue to do what feels right in each given moment. The miracles will come when you least expect them and when you’re most open to them. You’re most open to them when you’re not demanding their existence. When you’re enjoying what you’re doing, that’s what is attractive to miracles. So what sounds enjoyable?

Doodle cards sound fun today.

There you have it: stick with what is fun. Trust that the steps will be made clear to you as you take them. Keep doing what feels good, and trust in the Universe/God to take care of the rest.

Your mind is limited based on what you know, and what you know is based on the past and the skewed perception of it. Rather than focusing on what seems realistic or what you should do, instead focus on what feels… Blissful. On what takes you into a state of enjoyment and love, in a way where time ceases to exist, and takes the illusion of problems with it.

These feelings and states of being are truly expansive, whereas living in the mind of “realism” (or often pessimism) is akin to wearing blinders. Refuse to take the comfortable approach of blocking your vision. Just because you don’t have all the answers in your awareness now, does not mean that clarity is unavailable to you.

It is not a cerebral game of hide and seek, as it may seem. Rather, it is a simple process of letting go of attachment, and anchoring into this present moment.

Do so, and watch your life come to life.”

So. I’m gonna’ go play with doodle cards now.


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