Day 34 of 365: overdoing it.

I write this with a sore throat, pain in both ears, a headache, and what may or may not be pink eye in my left eyeball.

And all of this showed up within the last few hours.

I know exactly why this has happened. It’s my sweet body’s way of saying, “JEN. I AM TIRED. PLEASE REST. CHILL THE FUDGE OUT.”

My mind too, probably.

See, ever since I started to feel better after my May 30th surgery (removing my leaky implants which had caused Breast Implant Illness), I’ve been SO ENERGIZED.

Prior to the surgery, stillness and relaxation was easy… Because I felt like a bag of asses.

Since healing, I’ve been up at 0600, exercising nearly every day, writing 1-10 hours a day, working twice the hours I was working before, and and and…

Our bodies communicate to us. That’s what pain is. That’s what illness is.

really cool trick is that, when you’ve spent enough time getting to know your body, you can learn what each pain means.

For instance… For ME, ankle pain happens when I’m not living a balanced lifestyle.

Knee pain happens when I’m trying to carry the weight of the world.

Throat pain happens when there’s something I really need to say, or if I need to cry.

Liver pain is anger.

Since I don’t consume sugar, caffeine, or alcohol, I rarely, if ever, get headaches. Or get sick, for that matter. It’s a rarity. So, when I do start to feel lousy? I’m certain that it’s emotional, mental, or spiritual in nature.

Which is cool, really.

I don’t need to take NyQuil or get on antibiotics for this eyeball thing. Instead, I’m going to rest, breathe in some essential oils, watch the movies I’ve been wanting to watch, and cry until my sweet heart is content.

This will be a short entry. I just wanted to check in… And to remind the readers to TAKE IT EASY.

And by the readers, I mostly mean myself.

Just because you’re feeling energized doesn’t mean it is your sole responsibility to heal the fudging world. No one is relying on you to do… Anything, really. This life is for enjoyment, it’s for expression, expansion, and learning. So treat it that way!

It’s about time you do some “JUST BECAUSE” things. Y’know… Watch a movie just because… rather than watching one because you’re studying for the movie you’re writing. 

Read a book just because it’s fun, rather than reading only self-help and educational books. Read some trashy romance… Or that Harry Potter book or the fairy book two of your sweet friends lent you!

(For those who don’t know me, I feel all squirmy at the very thought of sitting down to read a fun book with no “logical purpose.” Golly, I’m adorable.)

Relax. Find what feels good and do that, rather than constantly doing what’s “right” and “best” and “most aware” and and and.

Give yourself a fudging break.

Literally. Get some chocolate.

I guarantee you’ll feel better, clearer, and more in-alignment.

So go play with Play-Doh, paint a left-handed painting, swing on a swingset, wear all Christmas attire while drinking peppermint tea. Watch a Disney movie.


I commend you for your fervor… But put your chill panties on. 



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